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With the help of the CET regional office, students are supported and given the opportunity to succeed. This support may include services such as academic support, counselor and psychological services, physical and social well being, etc.


At the level of the Community Learning Centres and Satellites, students are inducted to both the CLC/SC and their programme of study.
Induction programmes are structured in such a way that it matches the needs of each students and eventually fulfills the College’s aim to provide the information and support needed by students at the beginning of their study programmes.
The main aim of induction is to introduce students to the full complement services offered by the collage as well as relevant AET level information, in order to assist students to achieve their personal objectives

Placement and selection test

All new students are required to write a placement and selection test before they register. The test is not aimed to exclude students but to determine the appropriate AET level at which the student should be placed.

Cultural and sporting activities.

The Free State CET College believes that a healthy mind is a function of a healthy body. We therefore encourage our students to participate in different sporting codes at the level of Community Learning Centres and Satellites so that they can integrate and socialize. Codes include and are not limited to, soccer, netball, and volleyball and chess.

Other social and cultural events are:

  • Youth Day Celebrations
  • Annual reading competition
  • Women’s Day Celebration
  • Heritage Day
  • Adult Learner’s Week
  • International Literacy Day

Life skills workshops.

  • Time management and study skills
  • Stress management skills,
  • Exam preparation,
  • Job hunting skills such as CV writing, letter for job application, interview skills and organization behavioral skills. This type of support is aimed at assisting students in career pathing as well
Exit levels

This student support assists student at exit level in order to assist them with placement at various employment opportunities that may be available. The Student Support Services establishes networks and builds partnerships with prospective employer partners for student placement.